Service and Repairs
Our staff have worked with everything that’s out there. So, rest assured that we have the knowledge to service even the most complicated units. 

Scheduled Service Plans

You schedule service on your vehicle because you depend on it to get you from place to place reliably.  Your home comfort system is working hard behind the scenes every day keeping you and your family comfortable.  Sometimes things get dirty or worn and even though the system is still functioning, it is doing so at significantly added expense.  Left unattended, the system can fail and likely on the hottest or coldest days of the year.

With our Scheduled Service Plan, we can catch potential problems and correct them before they leave you stranded and with a possibly expensive repair bill.

Indoor Air Quality Products
Are you experiencing problems with allergies, dust, or dry skin?  We can help with a line of high quality air filtration and humidification products.

Home automation
Would you like to know when the kids get home from school?  Maybe you want to change the temperature before you get home, turn on the lights before you drive in the driveway, or you forgot to close the garage door.  We can help with these plus much more.  Just give us a call to set up a free consultation visit.

Need a new system but your checkbook says no?  We have a great financing program with no interest plans for up to 60 months WAC.

Barker heating and cooling uses the latest in diagnostic tools to properly service and repair your home comfort system.
We use wireless electronic probes to accurately measure the performance of your heat pump or cooling system, the information collected is sent back to the service tech’s iPad and uploaded to the Cloud where it is stored and can be retrieved by any of our service techs on a future service trip.

If the service tech has a question about the performance of the system and needs a second opinion, someone in our office can view the system live via Our Tech Connect Feature.  This saves you money by properly diagnosing the problem the first time, and saves you time because the service tech doesn’t need to come back.

Does your service company provide a detailed report of how your home comfort system is performing before and after the service repair visit?  We can accurately show the homeowner how the system was performing prior to service and then how its performing after the service.  We provide an estimated annual savings report to show how much money you save by having our experts PROPERLY service and tune your home comfort system.

We use the Bacharach Insight combustion analyzer to tune your gas or oil fired furnace.  This electronic tool analyzes up to 9 separate tests, and includes a Carbon Monoxide reading.  We can determine the efficiency of the burner and if cleaning or repairs to the furnace are required, and you will receive a detailed report of how your furnace is performing after our service is completed.